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The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) has almost 600,000 active and retired workers, making it one of the largest labor unions in North America. 

The union is also incredibly diverse. Members can be found in hundreds of different industries, from aerospace to woodworking, in both billion-dollar corporations and the federal government. 

The IAMAW counts employees at some of the largest and most-recognized companies in the world — including Boeing, Harley-Davidson and United Airlines — as its members.

The IAMAW’s History, Structure and Leadership

The IAMAW was founded in 1888, when 19 machinists met in a locomotive pit at a factory in Atlanta. In the 130 years since, the organization has grown to more than 2000 locals and helped win landmark rights and benefits for its members time after time. 

The union hasn’t stopped expanding, either. In 2005, the Transportation Communications International Union (TCU) voted to merge with the IAMAW, and in 2013 the union attempted to represent workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Delaware.

The union is divided into seven territories by both geography and industry. The organization’s headquarters is located in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. The headquarters is responsible for coordinating organization efforts across the entire union as well as the union’s Woodworker Department and the Government Employees Department’s affiliated local lodges. 

The IAMAW has a political arm, the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League, as well as a trust fund and pension fund for members. It also runs an award-winning magazine, the IAM Journal. The organization is governed by an international president, general secretary-treasurer and eight general vice presidents who form the Executive Council

The current leadership of the IAMAW includes:

  • Robert Martinez Jr., international president

  • Dora Cervantes, general secretary-treasurer

  • Brian Bryant, general vice president, headquarters